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Kea 3.0

Composable state management for React
Intro:what is kea? | installation | typescript | testing | debugging | context | redux
Core:actions | reducers | selectors | listeners | events | defaults
Meta:kea | logic | connect | key | path | props
React:useActions | useValues | useMountedLogic | useAllValues | BindLogic | wrap
Plugins:API | loaders | router | forms | saga | subscriptions | localstorage | window-values
Community:ajax |
Tim Glaser

Tim Glaser

CTO at PostHog

I wasn't sure whether we should have an abstraction layer on top of Redux, but after using Kea for a day I never looked back. Kea feels like the good kind of magic. You can understand what’s happening, but it takes away a lot of the tedious tasks. Adding more features doesn't feel like adding more complexity.

Michael Fatoki-Bello

Michael Fatoki-Bello

User Experience Engineer

Setting up Kea is so simple and intuitive. The best bit has to be how Kea handles form management, something that used to be a horrible experience for most frontenders, has been made so straightforward and almost trivial to achieve. Such a sane and sensible way to manage state.

Scotty Bollinger

Scotty Bollinger

Senior Front End Engineer at Elastic

We have 3-5 engineers working on the Kea codebase. We use TypeScript and have about 25 logic stores all connected via a parent app logic store. Absolutely LOVE the library and, as a engineer new to Redux, I found this to be incredibly easy to get up to speed on and it seems to scale very well.

Read the documentation: What is Kea?
Want to see a full app written with Kea? Check out PostHog. It's open-source product analytics and we're building it now!
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