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Kea 2.4: Fast Refresh

ยท One min read
Marius Andra

What's that? A new release?!?

Kea 2.4 brings the following:

  • Fixed crashes with React Fast Refresh.

  • Changed the default path for logic without a path (or when not using the kea babel plugin) from kea.inline.2 to kea.logic.2. If you have ever hardcoded "kea.inline" anywhere, perhaps in tests, this will cause a bit of headache. If you need it set at kea.inline, use: resetContext({ defaultPath: ['kea', 'inline'] }).

  • Added <Provider /> tag to simplify calling React-Redux's <Provider store={getContext().store} />.

Oh, and there's a new Kea CRA template you can use.

Starting a new CRA project with all the Kea tools configured is now as simple as running:

yarn create react-app my-kea-app --template kea-typescript
cd my-kea-app
yarn start

... and you're good to go!

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